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Advantages Of The Course

➢  Quick takeaways 

➢  Higher engagement

➢  High retention of any concept

➢  Learning as per your topic of interest

➢  Flexibility to learn multiple topics

About The Course

What is Microlearning?


Microlearning is a short and concise learning, often three to five minutes long, that just focuses on a specific learning.


Nowadays, attention span is decreasing day-by-day. Therefore, Microlearning is the best way to learn. Most of the videos will be between 3-5 minutes. Plus, these videos will be in engaging and funny format.    

Also, we feel Microlearning is going to be the next big thing in learning because it also addresses the fundamental issue: retention. 

Watch and learn as per your speed and interest. We have tips for you on various topics like

1- How to select a book

2- Right way to respond to criticism

3- One simple way to create/break a habit

4- One mistake which entrepreneurs should avoid

5- One thing that stops you from being an avid reader

6- Why most new year resolutions fail


and many more... we will at least add two videos per week.


If you feel that you always have to be serious while learning without having any fun in the process, get ready to be surprised. Enroll and see how our videos will make you laugh (some jokes might be silly but still it will make you smile).

Do enroll and join in our vision of combining Education and Entertainment.








Language English, Hindi
  1. Should understand English.
  2. A device with a good internet connection.