Instant Recall

Memorise things Faster in an Enjoyable Way

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  • 1.5 hours On-Demand Videos (Can be Downloaded in Audio Format)
  • 3 PDFs
  • Full Lifetime Access
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Advantages Of The Course

➢  Boosting your productivity

➢  Confidence to retain any information

➢  Avoiding the embarrassment of forgetting names

➢  Clearing exams with ease

About The Course

People have this assumption that your memory skills are fixed. You either have a good memory or a bad memory and you can’t do anything about it. That’s not true. There is nothing known as a good memory or a bad memory, there is just a trained and untrained memory.


This course is about training your memory (no matter how poor your memory is) to a level where you can retain and recall any important things.


By the end of this course, you will learn:


●       The mindset shift required for having a sharp memory

●       How to remember names

●       How to recollect any text (long/difficult answers, technical material etc.)

●       How to recollect any numbers  (Got Expert Srinivas Vakati for this topic)

●       How to recollect things even in stressful scenarios

●       How to effectively apply the memory techniques


Language English

1- Participant should be able to read and understand the English language comfortably

2- Access to a computer/mobile with an internet connection.

3- Age Group - 14 and above

About The Trainer

Rupak Shah

●  I, Rupak Shah, have trained more than 5 thousand people in person from various age groups

●  I have also done this workshop for corporates like Reliance, Capita, Cello, Anchor and many more renowned companies.

●  Feel free to check more than 200 reviews of my Workshop on Facebook -

●  1000+ plus people have bought my e-courses and found it extremely useful.