Becoming A WhatsApp Influencer

Organically Boost Your WhatsApp Reach

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  • 2 hours On-Demand Videos (Can be Downloaded in Audio Format)
  • 2 PDFs
  • Full Lifetime Access
  • Access on Mobile

Advantages Of The Course

➢  At least 3x your WhatsApp reach

➢  Becoming an influencer in your field

➢  Increasing your income

➢  Impacting 1000’s of life via your content

About The Course

WhatsApp has 1.5 billion users. Unlike other social media platforms, you can’t build a brand by paying money. Plus WhatsApp enjoys the most open rate of messages as compared to other social media platforms. Therefore building a brand on WhatsApp will give you the best ROI (plus there are very few influencers on WhatsApp).


“Rupak has covered all the core contents which anyone who wants to build a brand on Whatsapp should use. I personally have followed those techniques in past and have been able to reach Lakhs of people because of that.” – Amrut Deshmukh, founder of Booklet App

I started with my WhatsApp initiative with a great enthusiasm but the obstacles coming in with regards to WhatsApp management was taking up my mood. Thanks to Rupak for all the techniques he has taught me so far to excel in as a WhatsApp influencer! – Krutika Indulkar, Founder – Vocabpedia


By the end of this course you will learn:


●  How to identify the content which people will like to read and share on WhatsApp

●  Techniques that will make sure that people share about your initiative with everyone

●  How to keep the audience engaged

●  Effectively managing 500+ daily WhatsApp messages

●  Ways to earn money from your audience

●  Learning from practical examples of two WhatsApp influencers – Amrut Deshmukh (founder of booklet App) and Krutika Indulkar (Founder, Vocabpedia)


Language English

1- Participant should be able to read and understand the English language comfortably

2- Age group – 18 years and above

3- Access to a computer/mobile with an internet connection.

4- Participant should be able to use WhatsApp App - sending texts, creating and managing groups, creating broadcast lists etc.

5- Course is for people who want to build influence by sharing authentic content and not for someone who is looking for some cheap marketing and spamming strategies.

About The Trainer

Rupak Shah

●  I, Rupak Shah, have the following of more than 6000 people on WhatsApp and earned more than a million from those audiences

●  I have trained more than 5 thousand people in person from various age groups and various backgrounds

●  I have also done workshops for corporates like Reliance, Capita, Cello, Anchor and many more renowned companies.

●  1000+ plus people have bought my e-courses and found it extremely useful.